Pump Assemblies

Pump Assemblies

Inrada Oil & Gas custom design, engineer and manufacture different types.                         See below the following example applications for marine propulsion.

HUB Pressure System, 1T1-2397.A & 1T1-3396.A

Version: Pumpset to pressurize shaft seals

Pressure difference: 0,1 – 4 Barg

Rated Power: 0,15Kw 400V 50Hz & 24VDC

Flow: 1,18 - 12 cm³/rev

Optional: Classification approval; Conservation and flange connections.



Lubrication Oil Pumpset, 1T2-3822.B

Version: Combined Double gearpumps with two suction - and one pressure connections.

Pressure difference: 1,7 – 28 Barg

Flow: (2x) 08,4+03,9 cm³/rev

Rated Power: S1 1,75Kw 1800 Rpm 440V 60Hz    

Optional: Classification approval ; Conservation      



Gearpump, Type SNP2/3 ; SU2/3-CIL

Version: Gearpumps & transmissions, suitable for driving other transmission, in which heavy combined loads take place (axial and radial).

Pressure range: 0 – 250 Barg

Flow: 3,9 – 88,2 cm³/rev

Optional: Classification approval; Conservation; connection flanges (welding flanges).



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