Actuators / Drives

Actuators / Drives

Hydraulic Rotary Actuators

Pleiger rotary actuators are specially developed for the operation of butterfly and ball valves. Pleiger rack and pinion actuators type STK are available in double and single design. The Pleiger STK actuators are designed to operate in any enviroment, even submerged or in hazardous areas. In emergency cases all actuators can be operated by hand pump. Pleiger hydraulic actuators provide continuous output over the full quater turn.

Swivel Gear Pumps (ST)

ST     Standard swivel gear – foot mounting

STD   Swivel gear with adjustable end, stop cushioning

STE   Swivel gear with adjustable end, stop limitation

STED Swivel gear with adjustable end, stop limitation                and end stop cushioning.

Pressure range: 0 - 180 Bar

Max. Torque: 110 – 300.000 Nm

Swivel angle: 90°, 140°, 180°, 240°, 300° and 360°

Drive shaft: on one side and on two sides.

Pressure compensation: Type A = interior

                                                                                     Type B = exterior

Hydraulic Rotary Actuator (STK)

Precise and reliable operation;

Complete product range to cover all demands;

Output torque from 150 Nm up to 50.000 Nm;

Maximum working pressure 150 bar;

Positive hydraulic Opened/Closed indication via bypass and flow switch;

Intelligent continous position indication;

Alternative electrical position available;

Hydraulical locking device;

Mechanical locking device available. 

Electro Hydraulic System (EHS)

EHS-D3 - Double acting rotary actuator, open/close and continous operation

EHS-S3 - Single acting rotary, opened/closed operating with spring return

EHS-S/C - Single acting lineas actuator for opened/closed operation with spring return

EHS-Q - Power pack unit used for seperately installed linear or rotary actuators

EHS-EX - Double acting and single acting rotary and linear actuators, in explosion proof design

EHS-UM - Double actiong rotary actuator for permanent submerged opened/closed and continous valve operation

Radial Piston Motors (MO)

Version: MO-01; MO-05; MO-06; MO-08

Max Pressure: 210 Bar

Max. Torque: 120 – 6362 Nm

Fixed displacement: 37 cm³ to 1900 cm³

Flange connections: SAE 1” to SAE 1 ½”

Shaft design: Standard = internal involute spline acc. To DIN 5480; Straight shaft with key: on request.

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