(F)DW Liquid cooled motors

Our liquid cooled motors provide maximum power density coupled with a very compact design. Moreover, our liquid cooled motors are used in applications, where heat emission from the motor must be avoided. The cooling medium, e.g. water or oil, can be adopted specific to customer requirements. Motors are designed in a way that contact from cooling medium with electrical components is avoided by all means. The stator housing is designed with a smooth surface, which makes it suitable for applications in the textile industry or food industry as dust or fibers do not adhere to the surface and simplifies cleaning. For many applications there is an       increasing demand for variable speed motors controlled by frequency inverter. We use the best components and provide thoroughly constructed motors also for these applications. For   use as generators we offer specifically optimized designs.


(F)DR/(F)DP Air cooled motors

This Dietz-system motor offers a high level of variability, which makes it suitable for many different applications. We offer a wide range of different mounting flanges, brake systems, encoder systems, external ventilation and temperature monitoring systems. Furthermore individual modifications are possible for very specific requirements. Compared to the relevant IEC-standards higher power density and higher power reserves can be achieved. Beyond the current standards IE2 and IE3 our motors are also available with efficiency class IE4For use as a generator, we offer a range of specifically optimized designs.


Special drives

“High speed motors”, “Test bench motors”, “Smooth bodied motors” are only a few examples of solutions for specific customer requirements..For many fields of industry and many applications motors off the shelf will no longer be adequate.
Highly integrated plants and machines call for specialised drive concepts.In order to meet these requirements, we have concentraded our efforts in this area with a high level of competence in design, development and production.
With our expertise and experience in power transmission we are in the position to mange special demands from our customers. A selection of some motorconceptions:
DU Smooth bodied motors EPAM E-save permanent axialflux motors SR Switched reluctance motors DPM Test bench motors DH Special designed housing motors GA Asynchronous         generators GS Synchronous generators DE Mounting sets or housingless motors.

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