Inductive and magnetic sensors

Inductive and magnetic sensors

Should you have a requirment for any of the following Inductive and Magnetic sensors, please contact Inrada Oil and Gas.


WK(C); IK(C) type Limit Switches

Version: Mono- and bistable Limit Switches in different type of housing

Zone: BVS 04 ATEX E155 / CE 0158 Ex I M2 EEx ia I / CE 0158 Ex II 2G EEx ia IIC T6

Temperature range: -55° to 300° CHousing: PVC; ABS; Nickel; Silicon; gunmetal and cast Iron according IP54 or IP65

Optional: Different length of cable in PVC or Purwil


NF type Limit Switches

Version: Monostable Limit Switches for longer distance up to 300 mm with LED indicator.

Housing: red cast iron and cast Iron according IP54 or IP67

Temperature range: -20° to 85° C

Optional: Different length of cable in PVC or Purwil




Magnets in different dimensions

If the magnet is placed on ferromagnetic material, increases the operating distance, because the effect of the switching pole and thus the entire magnetic field is increased. As standard, the magnets with the south pole supplied as switching side. Magnets with North Pole can be delivered as switching page.





N type Inductive proximity switches

Inductive proximity switches can switch contactors, relays or other electrical consumers. Thus, all automation processes can easily be solved with our switches as control or monitoring switches.

Housing: stahl; PVC IP65 or IP67

Temperature range: -20° to 125° C

Optional: Different length of cable in PVC; silicon or Purwil



Digital Speed ​​Monitor and Digital slip monitor

The speed monitor is used to monitor rotating or oscillating machine parts

The slip monitor is for monitoring variable speed Systems. Installations as metering belts , belt drives , etc. • connecting the encoder systems: PNP , NPN ,NAMUR, vibration or contactor • Continuous monitoring by speed comparison (Also in the start-up phase)• Digital display of slip in % , rpm 1 or speed 2 in min - 1 • Start contact NO or NC selectable • Digital display of actual speed in min - 1 • All inputs and outputs electrically isolated • Operating voltage: 220,110 or 42VAC, 24VDC


Speed ​​Monitor D19/20/01 D19/20/03

• Operated by inductive Encoder , inductive Proximity switches (24 V - three wire or NAMUR ) or contactor • Great noise immunity , Cable runs up to 1000 m • Display of function by LED • Built bypass switch • Start-up suppression • Clear arrangement of all controls • Can be switched to different Speed ​​ranges ( of 5 - 50 , 50 - 500 500 - 5000 U / min ) • Isolated housing with Snap- on DIN rail 46 277




Standstill monitor D 20/10

• Operated by inductive encoder or inductive proximity switches ( 24 V Three wire NPN or NAMUR ) or contactor • Great noise immunity , cable runs 1000m • Display of the switching status by led • Adjustable pulse repetition time 0.5 to 20 s • Insulated with Snap- on mounting rail DIN 46 2






Directional analysis Type G84 ...

For inductive proximity switch NAMUR Type G84 / 124 / ... with mos Relay Type G84 / 120 / ... with optic coupler Type G84 / 96 / ... with relay For magnetic switch NAMUR Type G84 / 133 / ... with relay Special features

• triggering by proximity switches NAMUR • Core monitoring of connected switch • Function reversal by jumper • Outputs optionally with relay contact or mos semiconductor relay




Switching amplifier with and without pulse stretching for magnetic proximity switches (NAMUR)

switching amplifier 3 electronic magnet - NAMUR switch

Type G84 / 132 / ... with prolonged special features

• switching amplifier for 3 magnet sensitive switch NAMUR • Available with or without pulse stretching • All functions via LEDs visible • coupled outputs • Function reversal by jumper



Function monitor for proximity switches

G 20/43 N with relay outputs for Connection of NAMUR - switches according to DIN 19234 • G 20/43 NK with relay outputs for connection of negated NAMUR switch to DIN 19234

G 20/44 N with optic coupler for connecting NAMUR switches according to DIN 19234 • G 20/44 NK with optic coupler to connect negated NAMUR switch 

• Connection for three proximity switch • Power supply 220VAC and 24VDC


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