Custom Made

Custom Made

Brake Cylinder

Version : This brake cylinder is used by a worldwide specialist in bakery equipment.

The brake cylinder has a single acting pressure regulating stroke from 2 – 105 Bar with bypass valve and measuring quick connection.

Maximum Pressure: 160 Barg

Stroke : 200mm

Connections : G1/2” or Ø16mm

Optional: Pressure gauge; hose connections and type approval


ΔP sensor with digital display

Version : This Δp sensor assembly has been engineered on request by one of our navy/marine customer.

Maximum Pressure: 160 Barg








Emercency Handpump / Brake Release Assembly

Version : This Emercency Handpump / brake release assembly is used by a worldwide specialist in the field of maintenance of railway wagons.

This set has a double acting hand pump with 3-way function and safety valve. The cylinder has been engineered to fit and release the brakes of their railway wagons. Supplied with hydraulic hoses and easy quick connections.

Maximum Pressure: 210 Barg                                 Optional: Pressure gauge; hose connections; conservation RAL 1007 and type approval.


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