About Us


Quality & Availability

In this industry, you can't have one without the other. Every day of downtime results in millions of dollars/euros in lost  productivity. So when customers need a response from us, they need it to be right – and right away. At the heart of our solutions is Lean. Key processes that touch our customers are now better and faster, and always improving. We've reduced Inquiry-to-Order time and we're improving overall and spare parts on-time delivery, and injecting more Lean initiatives at the installation stage where all our processes come together.

Reliability & Expertise

The oil and gas industry is driven by technology – and technology is driven by people. So we invest a lot in ours. Our products are at the forefront of technology, with little to no room for error Inrada has the track record of reliability stacked on years of experience. When a INRADA Field Engineer arrives on site, our customer is not only buying that individual's knowledge but 60yrs worth of company experience. We have highly structured training and certification programs to ensure consistently high levels of service for all customers. We recruit seasoned professionals and develop new talent on a ongoing basis. Once in the field, they become an indispensable part of the feedback loop for future equipment enhancements.

Contract - Project Management

Labor pool and resource management will be provided to ensure efficient delivery of the contract scope; including management of legal and contractual issues, cost monitoring, remedy negotiation, performance evaluation and the management of technical, performance and relationship issues.



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